Manufacturer Solutions

In-Store Pickup

Shopatron makes it easy for multi-channel retailers and branded manufacturers to provide in-store pickup capabilities for online purchases.

In-Store Pickup for Manufacturers

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Shopatron Manufacturer allows branded manufacturers selling online to easily activate in-store pickup capabilities through their authorized retail locations.

More Options. More Online Sales

Increase online conversion by giving shoppers the convenient, cost-saving option of picking up their eCommerce purchases at a local store.

Build Stronger Retail Relationships.

Tighten retail partner relationships by driving online buyers into their stores, where they make additional purchases over 40% of the time.

Sell Any Product Online.

Sell products online that are typically too challenging or complex for eCommerce channels, by allowing online shoppers to access the inventory and service resources of local retail stores.

Shopatron Manufacturer Info Kit

Download a comprehensive assortment of Shopatron product, solution, and case study materials, tailored for branded manufacturers.
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