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Shopatron Receives Patent for its Distributed Order Management Solution

Published April 30, 2013 Share

Shopatron announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for the company’s unique distributed order management solution.

On March 12, the U.S. Patent Office awarded Patent No. 8,396,756 for the Shopatron “system and method for processing product orders.” The patent codifies the unique nature of the Shopatron Order Exchange, which enables manufacturers and multi-channel retailers to expand online and in-store sales by allowing them to efficiently fulfill online orders from local retail stores.

Founded in 2001, Shopatron revolutionized the way retail channels work together to put products in the hands of online shoppers. This recognition from the federal patent office confirms that the model is unique and transformational, explained Shopatron CEO and Founder Ed Stevens.

“This patent clearly demonstrates that Shopatron is dedicated to the newest and best technologies and processes for our clients,” Stevens noted. “We have invested over 12 years of research and development in the Shopatron Order Exchange, and we intend to continue the investment in our solution to offer clients the most advanced technology on the market. Being a true multi-tenant, SaaS solution for brands and multi-channel retailers means that every investment Shopatron makes into our Shopatron Order Exchange immediately translates into benefits for our clients.”

The announcement of this patent follows Shopatron’s re-launch of its brand, the acquisition of $4MM in venture debt financing, and an announcement of broad market availability for the Shopatron Retailer solution for multi-channel retailers.

With a client list that already includes over 1,000 brands working with more than 20,000 retailers across 40+ industries, this patent announcement further solidifies Shopatron’s position as the clear leader in cloud-based, eCommerce order management solutions.

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