Fulfillment Partners

Shopatron is giving offline retailers like you new ways to generate sales and bring motivated customers into your store. By becoming a Shopatron Fulfillment Partner, you will join over 20,000 retail stores fulfilling online orders for more than 1,000 branded manufacturers across 40 industries.

How Shopatron Works for Fulfillment Partners

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Fulfilling online orders from the store is the most important thing that will change physical retailers over the next five years.”

- Matt Nemer

eCommerce Analyst, Wells Fargo.

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You can be up and running as a Shopatron Fulfillment Partner in as little as 30 minutes. Quickly determine which of the brands you carry are Shopatron-powered manufacturers, select the ones you’d like to fulfill, and start receiving orders today.

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Increase Sales. Right Now.

Increase your sales by fulfilling online orders for brands you already stock. You don’t even need a website to make money from online shoppers.

Get Customers in the Door.

When online shoppers pick up orders in a local retail store, they make additional purchases 40% of the time. Shopatron delivers them to your door.

Make Better Purchase Decisions.

See real-time online sales information from over 1,000 Shopatron brands, and make better decisions about which brands and products to carry in your store.

How It Works

1. Shoppers on manufacturer websites place their orders.

2. Orders are posted to the Shopatron Order Exchange for viewing by Fulfillment Partners.

3. Retailers request orders they want to fulfill, and the order is assigned to the closest stocking retailer.

4. Retailers ship the order to the customer or deliver directly via in-store pickup, using on-hand inventory.

5. Retailers receive guaranteed payments twice monthly for all fulfilled orders.

As a Shopatron Fulfillment Partner, brands you already carry will pass online orders to your store for fulfillment via ship-from-store or in-store pickup.