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Forrester Says Direct Sales and Manufacturer eCommerce Win

Not many things in life are free—air, sunshine, and (sometimes) good advice …

Thank goodness my parents didn’t charge me for their good advice.

So, in the spirit of paying it forward, I’m extremely excited to be able to offer everyone who reads this blog the chance to get some good, free advice. The good advice in this case is an excellent report from Forrester Research titled The Marketing Case for a Branded Sales Channel.

Here are a few nuggets of knowledge you’ll find inside The Marketing Case for a Branded Sales Channel:

  • More than one-third of Americans want to buy directly from brands they love.
  • More than half of U.S. retail spending will be influenced by the Web in 2016.
  • Direct sales channels build trust and loyalty between brands and their consumers.

“To maximize the overall business outcome of a [direct-to-consumer] initiative, marketers should also design a distribution strategy that coordinates the role of all distribution partners and that of their direct channel. Many brands depend on retail distribution for the majority of their sales and must ensure that their direct efforts don’t jeopardize these important relationships with a negative impact on sales.”

Plus, you’ll find loads of information on consumer habits, as well as the types of products that have the highest direct-to-consumer sales potential.

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