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  • 6 Tips to Maximize 6 Upgrades

    As you adopt more SaaS solutions in your organization, how do you take advantage of six or more upgrades per year? If you are used to the slower pace of software that’s hard to upgrade, you will need to adjust your planning to get the most out of SaaS. We have six tips to help you.

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  • The Secret to Rapid Retail Innovation

    Retail is a rock’em sock’em business. Every day, it’s an all out effort to source outstanding products, get goods into stores efficiently, and provide customers with experiences that inspire spending and repeat visits. What are you going to do to keep up? It might seem impossible, but it’s not.

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  • 4 Reasons Retailers Should Ship-from-Store

    Seasons are great, but product seasonality does not play nicely with inventory. States like California where droughts are common and hotness is always have a different type of demand for swimsuits than states like Alaska. How can order routing help you optimize inventory to account for seasonality? We'll give you 4 ways.

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  • Local Product Search for Brands

    In the past, branded manufacturers have traditionally fallen into one of two camps: not selling online and using a dealer locator to direct customers to their dealers or selling online and self-fulfilling orders via their warehouses or distribution centers. However, due to new available technology, a third camp is evolving.

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  • Infographic: Shipping Times and Net Promoter Scores

  • The Cost of Not Having Inventory

    We’ve entered into the age of the customer at a time where technology is more advanced than ever. For branded manufacturers, this means catering to customers’ demands for inventory visibility and same day delivery.

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  • Why Good Product Descriptions Are Important

    For those not in the dating scene, you may not be familiar with Tinder, but it’s the hot new thing in online dating. Just like a good Tinder profile, a good product description will captivate someone’s interest. On the other hand, just like a bad Tinder profile, a bad product description will set someone’s expectations really low from the get go. Find out what we discovered about product descriptions that make them "swipe right".

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  • How Shipping Distances Impact Shipping Times

    Shopatron recently published a blog post on how shipping times affect net promoter score. We decided to take our analysis one step further and look at how shipping distances impact shipping times. The trends that we discovered have profitable implications for you and your dealers.

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  • The Invisible Hand of eCommerce

    Adam Smith, one of the greatest minds of all time, is often referred to as the father of economics. Amazingly, a few centuries later, his insights are still very relevant in today’s technology era.

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  • How Shipping Times Affect Net Promoter Score

    Did you know that the likelihood a customer will be a net promoter of your brand drops drastically if your product takes more than 5 days to reach him or her? We recently analyzed nearly thirteen thousand customer satisfaction survey results, and it was determined that if the package arrived within 5 days, 87% of respondents indicated that they were a promoter. However, if the package took longer than 5 days to arrive, that figure dropped down to 66%.

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